About Product

AQSA - 7416

AQSA Premium Carpet Cleaner is specially Designed to remove stains and odours effortlessly from Carpet caused by tracked in dirt, coffee spills, grease and food stains, pet accidents and more. AQSA Premium Carpet Cleaner never leaves a sticky residue behind. The quick-drying eco-friendly formula will help lift stains out and protect against re-soiling. Revives illustrious fibers for that new carpet look. Ideal for the machine and manual use.


For Normal/Soft Cleaning: 20-30ml in 1 Litre Water. For Heavy Dirt Cleaning: 50-60ml in 1 Litre Water. After diluting it can be used with wiping the surface as well as with Carpet Cleaning Machine. For Wiping solution to be taken in bucket/mop trolley. Rinse the wipe frequently. Wipe Clean. Pick up direct solution using a wet vacuum cleaner.