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AQSA - 300ml


Lets your AIR JAZZ with awesome mood enhancing international fragrances of Aqsa AIR JAZZ Air Freshener Refills. Our Odor neutralizer Air freshener refills creates a soothing fragrancing effect at your homes, offices and washroom. It creates positive impact, smells clean and make you feel fresh and hygienic. Aqsa AIR JAZZ Air Freshener Refills have a premium range of delightful refills 

Available Fragrances - 300ml

Premium Fragrances Code
Air Jazz Forest Dew  Aqsa - 7131
Air Jazz Polo Sport  Aqsa - 7135
Air Jazz Lemon Grass  Aqsa - 7136
Air Jazz CK Aqsa - 7137
Air Jazz Midas Touch  Aqsa - 7138